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St. Pierre Academy and Salon

St. Pierre Academy is the Ivy League of cosmetology schools in the Roanoke Valley. St. Pierre Academy offers a 52-week cosmetology course designed to produce superior hair designers who will easily master the basics of cutting and coloring hair, while learning the most up-to-date techniques in the industry.

St.Pierre Academy is well known for training the Roanoke Valley’s most cutting edge designers. Our graduates are highly regarded and sought after by other salons.

The distinct advantage to this Academy is our environment. Our students learn on real clients from day one; not mannequins. This not only assists them in building their clientele while learning, it greatly boosts their confidence level in their work, and improves their communication skills. They are working in a salon and receiving the best hands on experience in the state of Virginia. In addition to that comes following a structured curriculum, learning all facts about running and maintaining a salon, attending educational hair shows, and using our skills to do community service as well. We limit our enrollment to 3-4 students per semester for more one-on-one attention from Master Designer Cynthia St. Pierre.

Our graduates are highly regarded and sought after by other salons in the Roanoke valley.

The human body is an amazing machine with incredible abilities to heal itself. At the St. Pierre Institute of Beauty and Wellness you will receive an exemplary education in the field of Massage Therapy. Here you will learn how our body's systems function; separately and together. You will develop the skills of soft tissue manipulation to encourage the body to achieve its natural balance and wellness.